Standardization of project processes

Having led multiple projects, I almost always noticed sticking variations in project processes not only from company to company, but even from project to project in the same company, or even in the same department. Significant various in project processes results in variations in project delivery and inconsistent quality of project outcomes. It also impairs the team to jump right into project work, as the PM and the team need to learn the new project processes. I’m currently leading an effort to stand up a Delivery Center at my company. The Delivery Center will allow to shift from project oriented to product oriented delivery model. Along the way, I’m leading multiple initiatives to standardize processes. My approach is to assess current state and document it laying information in a way that it allows to compare and contract various approaches used by different projects. I then design a common and sometimes improved process. Sometimes this approach doesn’t work as it requires to choose one process or the other, e.g. a software to house issues and risks. In the latter cases, I use pros and cons analysis and voting buttons to choose between two systems. What are your approaches to standardize project processes. Please share your thoughts.

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